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I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 1,301 years old and I'm the man who's going to save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below.
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A longer life isn't always a better one
That's the curse of the time lords
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Reinette paused to give a kiss to Sigma, winking at him good naturedly. Taking Evie into her arms, she set the young girl on the sink, taking her tooth brush. “Try to open your mouth as far as you can.” It was the same for her as with Marie, the task nearly impossible. Gently, Reinette helped to pry her mouth open, careful not to hurt her.

"Goodness, this adhesive is strong. Rather remarkable, Sigma." She looked over her shoulder. "Did the sweet at least taste good?" Reinette asked Evie.


"Who is left? Only Jean?"

"It tasted like karmine pudding," Evie replied.

"That explains the yellow but Marie’s goo is more…" He tilted his head to the side, looking in her mouth. "Brown?"

"Chocolate," Marie explained.

"Ohhhh, right." He said with a long nod.

"She didn’t want the Karmine flavour," Sigma explained. "Do you really think it’s good? Could I be a billionaire soon?"

The Doctor had finished brushing Marie’s teeth so he set her down. “Weeell, possibly…when you’re a bit older. Let’s, let’s just worry about the academy for now, yeah?” Ten turned his attention to Reinette next. “Oh, no, no, no. I did him first. Between Theo and him I ran out of toothpaste…Well, mainly Theo. He ate the most.” 

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theenigmaofriversong asked: Tentoo or Flesh Ganger Doctor?

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It was hard to be angry at something so funny and adorable. Scooping Marie in her arms, Reinette set the tooth paste on the counter. “It was rather clever,” she admitted, trying to appease Sigma. “I imagine paste of that quality will be in high demand for patching roofs, dentures, and other crafts.”

She snuggled against Marie, trying to calm her. Crying now would stuff her nose and make it more difficult for her to breathe. “Papa will help in a moment. Try to breathe slowly, mon chou.” She murmured.


"You should be proud, Sigma. Such a successful failure."

"The inventor of post-it notes on earth originally tried to a create super strong adhesives for use in the aerospace industry but the glue was too weak," the Doctor added. "Sometimes scientific failures become very successful for different reasons."

What Reinette and the Doctor said seemed to calm Sigma down. He climbed off the toilet and sat down on the floor to watch the scene.

He gave one last look at Theo’s teeth before turning to Marie. “All right, sweetheart. It’s your turn.” He gently picked her up from Reinette’s lap and sat down on the toilet seat.

 ”Can you open your mouth as wide as you can for me?” He watched Marie attempt to open her mouth but the goo prevented her from pulling her teeth apart completely. The Doctor slowly pried her teeth apart with his fingers and started to pick out the large pieces of the goo. “There we go!” 

He grabbed the toothpaste Reinette brought in and Marie’s toothbrush. He started brushing her teeth, inspecting it as he went along. “Reinette, can you get started on Evie’s teeth?”

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text: A small issue with the kids and I need more tooth paste. It's... text: Well you'll see when you come in.


She glances down at the text before hurrying downstairs, an amused smile on her face. “Doctor?”

The Doctor stood in the bathroom with Jean, Evie, Theo, Mileva, Marie, and Sigma. He was just in front of Theo who sat on the toilet seat. The Doctor was busy scrubbing the back of theo’s teeth with a toothbrush. Maris was sitting with Jean and Evie on the edge of the tub, looking like she was seconds from crying. “I’m almost done! Then it’s your turn, Marie,” he said in attempt to comfort her. 

He looked up when Reinette entered the bathroom. “Oh, brilliant. Did you bring the tooth paste?” He turned his attention back to Theo’s teeth, expecting them. “Sigma was trying to invent a new sweet and…weeeell, it merely stuck to the kids’ teeth…That…and stuck their teeth together.”

"Don’t tell on me!" Sigma said, climbing onto the top of the toilet and pushed at the Doctor’s head. 

"Oi! Stop that! Don’t worry. I know it wasn’t spiteful!" He patted the boy and then gently pushed him away from his head. "You can market it as a denture paste. It sticks well enough."

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Which will you be, Doctor?

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I met you at the Dalek Asylum. There was a girl in a ship wreck and she died saving my life.

   And she was you.


I met you at the Dalek Asylum. There was a girl in a ship wreck and she died saving my life.
And she was you.

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Where are we going?

Into darkness.

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Am I a good man?

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into darkness (x) 


into darkness (x

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