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I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 1,301 years old and I'm the man who's going to save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below.

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A longer life isn't always a better one
That's the curse of the time lords
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get to know me meme - [5/10] current celebrity crushes

           ➤ David Tennant

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Happy Tennant Tuesday!
Happy Tennant Tuesday!


A Comprehensive Study of David Tennant’s Chest

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A few things I like to hear Emmett Carver say, in font size proportional to how much I like it..


DT Tongue Porn (Video Diaries Version) - 1/?
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holy crap, is that what i look like from behind?

speaking of,


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Dear friends of Tumblr, 





Today at my school we had an assembly about internet predators and when I had said that most of my true friends are over the internet and they gave me a lecture about how “I don’t know who I’m talking to” blah blah. So please, if you aren’t a predator in any way, please reblog so i can prove a point.


is that fucking martin freeman

If you don’t reblog this, then I am honestly very concerned.

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"You just happen to have a similar recording, Doctor?" He asked as he narrowed his eyes, wondering why he’d even have it.

He didn’t say anything else on the matter though as he watched sin. He noticed she looked like she was either enjoying it or ready to take a nap. That set him off. He jumped up from the spot he was in and yanked the headphones out of Sin’s ears. “Do you think this is some kind of joke?? I should kill you where you stand, you pathetic shit throwing ape!”


       ”Of course I don’t!” She replied, taking the earphones out. “How in the hell could this be a joke. This is a serious condition for you. This recording can’t possibly compare to what you hear… All I hear is the heartbeat of a time lord! I can’t help it if I enjoy it! It reminds me of when I used to fall asleep with DD! I could hear both his hearts beating! How am I supposed to feel sympathy for you with a recording when I can take it out at any time!”

       Sin stood, looking at him and furrowing her brow deeply.

       ”I’m not making fun of you, or saying that this is something to be— to be simply scoffed at. How could I possibly hope to understand? Not unless you show me! Not unless it’s real! So here’s my permission! Show me! " She shouted it at him, conviction in her dark brown eyes.

       ”Make me understand!”


Now he really messed up. He knew that threat wasn’t something false. It was a warning shot before he actually struck. This is why he tried with all his might to keep these two apart. They were bumped heads too much to really get along.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" The Doctor chimed in, stepping between them. "Look, just. Sorry. Hold on. Jus—I know you’re upset, and it’s my fault. Mine alone, not her. She’s listening to a drum beat, not really what you hear. It—it doesn’t compare. But her reaction to this is upsetting. I know this, really I do, but you need to calm down, Master. There’s no reason to be killing anyone.”

He stepped towards the master, keeping his hand raised slightly. “What’s the point of that??! You’re going to allow her to ruin all your future plans? That’s not like you at all!”


The Doctor knew the Master would never let Sin inside his head. In a way it was something very intimate. Why would he willingly let Sin inside it? Even if it would help her understand, it didn’t make sense to the Doctor that the Master would let her. That’s why he didn’t even try to persuade the Master to Sin’s request. The odds are it would start another argument. ”I think we’re all just a little bit tired. When’s the last time you’ve slept, Master? Hmm? Several years? I think you’re due for an hour. I’m certainly tired. Same with you, Sin. I think we all should cool down with some sleep.”

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Doctor Who Season 1 Rewatch: S01E04 “Aliens of London

Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I’m saving the world?

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