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I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 1,301 years old and I'm the man who's going to save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below.

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A longer life isn't always a better one
That's the curse of the time lords
theme por sabedorias com detalhes de affectingyou e desesperançoso.

"You’re just Clara, aren’t you?"

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one gif set per episode || doctor who 

 “new earth”: season 2, episode 1

 I suppose in the end… they break my heart.

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Out of the box;;


//lolol I don’t know why it does that!

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I’m the TARDIS.
                                                        I don’t need chances.
                  You know
  how he is.                           What he’s done to me.
                       I’m a good girl.
    On the inside. So, much bigger on the inside. So, dead.
                           Just help me feel o k a y,”
                              she had to fight her lips not to smile,
                              the lie was almost too big for her to
                              to swallow. She kept her ruse
                             well enough. Her lashes lowered
                              but she kept her arms outstretched 
                                  and her lower lip quivered.
                         “My friend. I’ve got no one else but you.
 You have to know that you
disrespected me. That hurt.  All I know is to hurt.
                                 Do you scorn the dog
                                   for biting the hand because
                                   that’s all he knows.
     I’m just a little bitch.
                       It’s all I know.
                                                   come closer.
                                                  don’t stay so far away,”
                              a flawless performance from the
                                     actress who trained under the best.
            I’m broken. Fix me. You’re the Doctor. That’s what you do.
               Never c r u e l or cowardly.
                        How cruel is it to deny a woman
                              who can’t help the way she is?”
                Her voice was hypnotic and her eyes ,
                       glimmered what damn well could have been
                          genuine tears but the blood lust was boiling
                                 beneath her skin and all the
                                        Doctor had to do was approach her.
                       "Please, Doctor.
                               Believe in me the way I believe in you.
Help me.
                                           You made a promise to the universe.
                  Am I not a part of that?
                                  Come to me. 
                                                       Accept me.”

"It really doesn’t matter if I made that promise, Idris. There is a very big difference between helping someone and being their friend. Actually, come to think of it, when I’m less emotionally involved with someone I help them more." He had thought being so close to someone would help him help someone but he realized it wasn’t the case. The people he helped to change their paths were the ones he had no attachment to, while people like Tenth he failed to help because he let his emotions drive him too much. 

Despite saying this to her he stepped forward as she requested. “If you want my help, then I will help you. I don’t turn anyone away that needs or asks for my help solely because what they’ve done. It still doesn’t change anything. You’ve lost my trust and respect. You’ll have to earn those two things back, but I will help you break away from these impulses.”

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Thoros Beta || closed 



Sirina finished putting Tril to bed, making sure he was sound asleep before leaving. It took hardly any time for her to glide out to the park, unseen as the evening sun vanished completely. She landed on a low branch in the tree and quickly morphed into her human form. Even if it seemed like no one was around at this hour, she’d rather be safe than sorry.

She’d only been sitting on the bench in the alcove for a minute or two when she spotted the Doctor waving at her. A smile spread across her lips at the sight of her friend and she stood up to greet him.

"Right on time actually. Glad to know you’ve got a handle on flying your ever so unpredictable ship." she said jokingly, stepping closer and giving him a hug.


"How have you been? It’s been way too long since I got to see you.” 

"Weeeell, I have been flying her for 1,000 years." He said with a small shrug and a smirk. He was silently proud of himself for getting there on time, though he played it off like he always got the right coordinates. 

"Haaaa!" He chuckled out when she hugged him and hugged her back. It was always nice to get a hug from as friend and it had been too long since he saw Sirina last. 

"I’m brilliant! Same old life for me. Travelling and getting in a bit of trouble. Oh, it’s brilliant to see you." He finally broke the hug, grinning at her. He was used to her other forum but he understood why she was masking herself in the moment. "Still climbing on rooftops? Or have you integrated yourself into human society?"

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The Man in the Chicken Coop - Closed 



She stared in amazement. “Through space and time?” It was beyond anything that she had heard or thought of before. Though it did make a great deal of sense about why he seemed to never age. Slowly, she removed her locket and held it out to him. Liesel didn’t expect him to be impressed at all, but she simply wanted him to understand one thing before she spoke on his last statement.


"Open it," eager for him to see the sketch inside of himself. "There was a time when a moon was being pulled to the Earth. The world was threatened to crumble and burn. All at once, a man in a blue box appeared and broke the moon up into a million pieces. A young boy found one of the pieces, a blue stone and placed it on that locket. To always remember the last sight he ever saw, before the fires took away his vision, he had a man sketch the image of the traveler."

She smiled, “That boy was my grandfather. He shared the story over and over again.” Liesel shrugged. “If you died, your blood is on my hands. I told you about the monster. I can’t let you look into it alone.”

The Doctor looked down at the locket, not wanting to take it. The more she spoke, the more he realized why he felt the urge not to touch it. He never did what she said; not yet at least. It was tricky business being a time traveller. You always risked meeting someone you haven’t met yet. He didn’t want to have the lured into altering his future. Especially now when he merely wanted to run away from everything. The temptation to avoid this point in time was strong. Though, he could tell this story had some kind of meaning to Liesel and he didn’t want to take that away from her.

"You probably shouldn’t tell me this story, Liesel. It’s dangerous for a time traveller to know their future. It’s safer to remain in the dark. I’ve learned that the hard way." He grasped the locket and pushed it back towards her chest. "You keep that. It’s your memories, not mine." 

"You can go on your own then if you’re so determined, but I’m not going to tag along with you. I’ll go on my own. I’m sorry but that’s my final decision." He was firm on this decision. He was done being the cause of people’s destructions and deaths. 




The Doctor listened to his younger counterpart, growing annoyed with the idea that this version had wasted even more opportunities with regeneration then he did when he had that face. That was one aspect about his tenth self he always loathed, the vanity, and his fear of regeneration. The Time Lord shook the thoughts of anger and annoyance from his head; he knew his counterpart would likely never want to hear it anyway.

It did however bug him enough that he took one Jelly Baby for himself, and decided not to share any. He popped it in his mouth and put the bag away. “Never mind, not important. To answer your earlier question, through some…. Unknown circumstances, I have gone through regeneration parallel opposition. In fact, that ‘gray haired’ one? I’ve already been him.”


The Doctor looked at his parallel counterpart in shock. He had no idea how he managed to revert back to an old face. “You can’t just—but that’s impossible!” 

He couldn’t say he found it completely impossible. He was working on something to control regeneration but at this particular moment he couldn’t wrap his head around the idea. He was failing in his conquest to do just the same. “How?! What did you do to change back??”

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    “You’ve changed it? Your
      mother liked Theta better…”

"Weeeeell, I imagine she enjoyed my birth name until that was struck from the records. Although, now that we’re on that subject could you keep that name to yourself? It’s a bit of a secret now."

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first meeting (timelordcurse) 



The Guardian looks at him, frozen in her spot. That’s not possible….

Seeing as he’s waiting for her name, she gives her human name instead of her Time Lady title. “Kira Tyler.” Really grateful that she still sounds American.


"Pleasure to meet you, Kira Tyler!" He grinned at her. He did notice she seemed confused. "Are you lost? I know my way around here well enough. I could direct you in the right direction." He was assuming she was a tourist due to her accent. 


just gonna leave this here before I go to bed


just gonna leave this here before I go to bed

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I’ve added a few more frequently asked questions to my faq page! 

They are added to my faq page but I’ll post it here too so those questions I get a lot are answered!

Your icon moves! How did you do that?

Indeed it does! A year ago someone figured out a cheat to allow us to upload moving icons but sadly about a week later tumblr staff changed the way you upload icons, rendering this cheat impossible. I haven’t found a way to do it again. I haven’t changed my icon for a year. If I ever did I would lose my moving icon. I know some can see it but others say it doesn’t move. That’s because it works fine in firefox, internet explorer and safari but if you’re a google chrome user you need to download this extension in order to see it.

How did you get a ‘.com’ url?

I paid for it. Now, I imagine you’re thinking I spent a lot of money in order to get a .com, but I didn’t. I spent a little over a buck. Network solutions offers .com domains for really cheap if you are attaching it to a website like tumblr. If you’re not willing to pay any money you can get a free domain here. After you’ve got a domain you just need to follow the instructions that tumblr offers here.

Why do you send fanmails after you’ve replied to a thread?

The fact is I get really busy with everything and it takes me awhile to reply. Sometimes it takes weeks or even up to a month. I know most of the people I roleplay with aren’t refreshing my blog daily waiting for replies and sometimes the activity page is cluttered. I send people fanmails so they know I’ve replied. I’ve been doing this for almost a year. I just want to make sure everyone knows I’ve replied after a long period of silence. If you would prefer I don’t do that please give me a heads up. 

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Roxxan pulled herself up off the ground. She brushed herself off as she turned behind her to see if they where still there. “Yea i’m-” That’s when the man turned the corner. She grabbed the man and hugged him trying to hide behind his taller frame. “Sorry I just need to hide for a second.”

The Doctor raised his arm up slightly and attempted to look behind himself without really turning around. It wasn’t everyday that someone used him to hide behind. “Oh, weeell, I guess that’s a good hiding spot as any.” 

He finger saluted the man that turned the corner, acting as casual as possible while the girl he had just met hid behind him. It was a rather odd situation to say the least.

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The pink hue on his cheeks left the woman with a coy grin, tongue poking out between her teeth. Oh she wasn’t gonna let him off the hook that easy f’r this. Crouching down, Rose grabbed the bag with her clothes in it, standing again to face the Doctor. She was about to butt in some teasing comment, but he kept on chatterin’ then quickly made himself scarce. Pity. There would be time for teasing over chips, however.

It didn’t take long for Rose to dress herself, feeling the stiff ache in her joints from not having moved for so long. The smell of antiseptic in the med bay made her stomach turn a little on itself. She moved out of the room as quickly as her body would allow it, following— or hoping she was — the Doctor down the hall way.

It was still so surreal to be back aboard the TARDIS. The short time she’d spent there before passing out for so long hadn’t given her much time to adjust. Navigating her way back to the console room, Rose leaned against one of the coral struts, taking in just a moment to admire the ship.


"Definitely missed this. Nothin’ like it in th’ entire universe."

The Doctor had heated up some chips from his TARDIS kitchen while she got dressed and went back to the console room to wait for her. When she arrived he handed her some and sat down in the captain’s chair with his own chips. 

"They’re not fresh but they’re still good." He popped one chip into his mouth, listening to her speak. "Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it properly. You’ve been sleeping most of the time. I’m still trying to figure out what caused it but rift sickness is my best guess."

"How are you feeling?" He asked after he finished chewing on another chip. 

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